About Us

The Islamic Centre of England (ICEL), established in 1998, is a religious and cultural centre providing the following services:

  • Spiritual and ethical guidance for the Muslim community at large;
  • Meeting the social, cultural, educational and recreational needs of community members, especially women and the younger generation;
  • Disseminating authentic Islamic knowledge in order to provide a clearer and better understanding of Islam for people of other faiths;
  • Creating Islamic think tanks to conduct dialogue on contemporary issues such as epidemics and environmental problems;
  • Establishing closer ties with people of different faiths and cultures from across the world.

These services are provided by Highly qualified religious scholars have offered their services to the Islamic Centre of England in order to provide religious guidance, advice and counselling through the following departments:

  • Religious Enquiries Section
  • Family and Social Affairs Department
  • Publications and Distribution
  • Library and Bookshop

Previous Directors